Crypto Cowboys

Autor: Atherton Cooper

Narrador: Atherton Cooper

Duración: 1h 27m


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Crypto Cowboys. The don't ride horses.They don't wear Stetsons. But they do ride the range and round up cows. Their range is the internet. And the cows the rope are "cash cows." The suckers who fall for their Crypto scams.

In his last three books, "Crippled by Cryptocurrency", "The Cryptocon - Banking on Tanking" and "Bitcon", Investigative Journalist Atherton Cooper guided you through the bizarre netherworld of the "Cryptoverse." With it's space age tech jargon and fantastic promises of unbelieveable instant riches.

Now, in this book, he cuts to the Crypto bone; Explaining why Cryptocurrency is the biggest scam of the 21st century. And giving you the knowledge to protect your wallet from the marauding Crypto Cowboys.


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