The Cryptocurrency Con: Banking on Tanking

Autor: Atherton Cooper

Narrador: Atherton Cooper

Duración: 1h 9m


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The Crypto Con. It's taken millions from thousand of people. People who should have known better. People who should have been more cautious. People who shouldn't have let greed obsure their caution. And, of course, people who were tricked and scammed by invisible technology.

Yes, some people are making big money in the Cryptocurrency Market. But the greater majority are losing big time. Big time, as in losing everything. In his last book, "Crippled by Cryptocurrency" Investigative Journalist Atherton Cooper dis-mystified the Cryptoverse. Exposing the scams and weakness of the system.

Now, expanding on the 10 months of research that produced that book, here he takes you to the next level of knowledge. To ensure that you won't be another tragic victim of the Crypto Con.


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